Here are a some questions we have been asked, please use our enquiry form on this website or give us a call if you cannot find an answer here.
Q: Is my house suitable to receive an insulated render system?
A: Nearly every house can have an insulated system fitted but some are easier than others, why not give us a call so we can arrange a visit.
Q: How do I know Richard Brown Ltd will fit the system correctly and do a great job?
A: We have been fitting these systems for many years now and have many satisfied customers all over Devon and Cornwall. We would be more than happy for you to view previous work and speak to previous clients.
Q: I see you are based in Plymouth, where are you prepared to work?
A: We are happy to travel anywhere in Devon and Cornwall
Q: Can I choose any colour and how long will it last?
A: There are hundreds of colours to choose from and they are warranted not to fade for up to 12 years but are expected to stay fresh for 30 years.
Q: How thick should my external insulation be?
A: There are many factors that govern this, try using our U Value calculator which should answer your question or we can carry out an on site survey.
Q: Are the products waterproof?
A: Yes, by fitting an insulated render system you will protect your building from damp.
Q: We want an insulated render system fitted but have no soffet to work to?
A: There are many profiles and sills that we can fit to overcome this and many other problems.